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Sportek Surfaces is an industry leader in the painting of world class athletic surfaces.






































1Our Services

Sportek Surfaces is an industry leader in the installation and striping of world class athletic surfaces.

Sportek Surfaces paints and installs  rolled rubber athletic tracks. We stripe polyurethane  athletic track.

We paint all types of courts:

We have a long history of delivering  excellent customer service. Our crews can quickly mobilize and start working anywhere in the United States. Our crews can install any type of athletic flooring along with striping.

All our crews are professional and hard working, putting in 100 percent effort on every job.


In order to keep your Athletic  Track looking great longer, a proper maintenance program is necessary.

The first part of the program is to wash your track. The best machine to use to wash a Mondo Track is the T-20 by the Tennant company. To get more information about the company click here 

We all pressure wash and clean polyurethane athletic tracks.

Another part of Track maintenance is the repairing of seams, and bubbles. Both of these track defeats are cut open with a knife, then adhesive is applied. For polyurethane tracks, adding more poly is necessary.

The third part of Track maintenance is the repaint. If you paint is faded than its time to repaint the track.

SPORTEK: New Divisions

We started a related: company: A cleaning company:Click Here for more information:


Our new division cleans home and apartments in Seattle, and Eastern Massachusetts and soon enough Honolulu.

Sportek has a long history of post construction cleaning. Every project that our crews work on are cleaned throughly after the job is finished.






Arizona State University Mondo Tracks,
Track painting, Mondo Rubber, West Virgina

2About Us

Since 1975, debuting with the track construction for the Montreal Olympic Games, Sportek Surfaces has been installing and striping facilities throughout  North America.

We have a long track record of excellent customer service: All our crews are hard working seasoned professionals: The work is always of the highest quality.

Additional Sportek Portfolio Entries: Click Here 

Starting this year, Sportek will diversify and become a painting contracting company that has started a cleaning business both on the residential and cleaning side.,

Everyone  who works for Sportek is extremely hard working, and always delivers excellent customer service. Everyone that works for the new cleaning divisions has the same dedication to hard work and delivering great customer service.



These are skills that translate well in our new division. For more information please click here

For the latest company news  click here

3Portfolio Spotlight

Mondo Track painting, New York City parks

Astoria Park

Astoria Queens, NY


Arizona State University Mondo Tracks,

Arizona State University

Phoenix, AZ


Mondo Track painting, Western Washington

Mount Si High School

Snoqualmie, WA


West LA College

Culver City, CA


The Armory

Manhattan, NY


Cuyumaca College

El Cajon, CA


Mylan Park

West Virgina


Arizona State University

Phoenix Arizona


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