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Mondo Sport Surfaces Have Unique Properties
Biomechanically tuned
One of the most important features of Mondo sports surfaces is its double layered rubber construction, called Double Durometer. This feature provides proper shock absorption, optimal energy return, an appropriate coefficient of friction, and total comfort for specific sport activities.

Mondo was the first company to apply this unique technique to rubber sport surfaces and, to date, it is the only company in the world that can manufacture such surfaces in two layers which contain differing physical properties.

Force reduction
The Natural rubber contained in Mondo sport surfaces is inherently shock absorbent. As well, due to its 40 years of experience, Mondo is able to fine tune its surfaces to force reduction values that range from 15% to 60% (DIN) 18032/2), depending on the final use of the surface.

Energy return
Due to the elastic property of the rubber used in Mondo sport surfaces, energy is returned with each step an athlete takes, thereby decreasing the amount of energy lost during a sport activity.

Excellent recovery
The high content of rubber in Mondo's floorings allows the surface to recover almost immediately after indentation from point lading.

Coefficient of friction
The coefficient of friction of all Mondo sport surfaces is adjusted according to the recommended final use.

Mondo rubber surfaces are durable because their physical properties remain unaltered during its normal lifespan. Unlike other resilient surfaces, they do not crack, shrink, become soft or foamy, and never break down.

Environmentally friendly
No harmful fumes are released during the production of Mondo's sport surfaces. Even the primary raw material, natural rubber, does not harm the environment since the trees that produce rubber are not harvested. Mondo's rubber surfaces may be disposed of in a regular landfill.

Ease of maintenance
No need for protective coatings, periodic refinishing or resurfacing.

It has been demonstrated that Mondo's surfaces may last upwards of 18 years.

Below are examples of the following types of MONDO surfaces installed by Sportek Surfaces. To learn more about the technical specifications of MONDO products please visit the MONDO web site.

Mondo Advance

The ideal smooth surface for all indoor sport complexes, school gymnasiums, fitness centers, and multi-purpose facilities.


Mondo Sportflex

A multi-purpose sport surface used in both indoor and outdoor applications. An excellent choice for heavy use areas, available in various thicknesses.

Mondo Ramflex

The ideal surface for weight rooms and skating arenas, where durability and resiliency are important.  
Mondo Sport Impact

An exceptionally durable surface with excellent resiliency. It is perfect for ice arenas, weight rooms, golf clubs, fitness and general purpose areas.

Mondo Super X

The ideal running material for all track and field surfaces, unquestionably the surface of choice for training and competition, engineered to meet the highest demands of athletes and coaches.


Mondo Modul Track


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